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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer Fish Stories

What a summer for fish stories!

As the season slowly comes to a close, we wanted to share some of our favorite "fish stories" from 2007. Although East Silent Lake is known for its large walleye numbers, our guests have brought in a variety of fish this summer.
N is for Neil and Northern. What a great catch!
Tim Donnelly proudly shows off his 6lb, 27 in. walleye.
This prize fish was released...just think how big it'll be next year!

Sometimes the size of the fish doesn't matter though. Julia and Olivia are proud of their catch. We just hope Jason and Phil didn't try to clean them :) !

A fine bass caught right off the dock.

Another large bass caught by Joshua Tigges. In addition to being caught off the dock, this fine fish was brought in by a "Barbie Pole."

Old Pros! The Anderson girls have been coming to East Silent Resort since they were born. And with Grandpa Frank's help...they always manage to bring in some whoppers!

Didn’t Catch the Big One This Year???
Fortunatley, East Silent Resort is open until October 1, and the perfect “home base” for fall fishing. AND…our incredible lodging specials will give you just the nudge you need to take a break from your schedule. For example…

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Professional Wakeboarder???

Alec might not be a professional wakeboarder yet...but watch out! Check out these great photos of a recent guest (Alec) tearing up East Silent Lake. Not only did Alec get up on his first try, he rode the wake like a pro. We look foward to seeing the steady-footed Alec and his family in 2008!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

That Isn't a Boat!


East Silent Resort guests were surprised by an odd shaped boat recently!!! After closer inspection, however, it wasn't really a boat. Rather, Craig (East Silent Resort guest) and Dale (local piolt) landed a float plane on East Silent Lake. The crowd on the beach grew larger and larger as the plane slowly approached East Silent Resort. After a short layover, the plane was back in the sky. BUT...we'll always remember the morning our beach was transformed into an airport! :)

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